Hello from Saattut

some pictures from Saattut today, preparing for the next meeting in Poland.DSC_0092.JPGDSC_0110.JPGDSC_0107.JPGDSC_0100.JPG


Greenland Day 7, 8, 9 ?

What a Day  ! How sad to leave Saattut and our friends…What a week !

We were looking forward to meeting our Greenlandic friends at the airport but they are stuck, like we are.

We are together , Polish and friends, in Qaarsut and won’t be able to leave tomorrow due to foggy weather. So here we are, we have said goodbye, wiped our tears and are now ready to go back home. Extra time in marvellous Greenland ! People are taking good care of us (food, accomodation: it is not a touristic place but what a view !).

We will let you know…If you can ! Good luck for this coming week !

The 3A team and friends !

Petite halte à Qaarsut , vols retardés, retour vendredi si tout va bien mais en étant optimiste. Et on l’est ! Imprévus et surprises , charme du voyage aussi…Les filles tiennent bon, sacrées ambassadrices.On fait le plein d’air pur pour vous et promis, on vous racontera…Et vous aussi !



Greenland Day 6 – Takuss !

During the week, we went dogsledding,fishing and walked  around, snowmobile.We went to school and visited the water and fish factory.People are very nice and keep smile all the time.In the school, the pupils are free ! In our school, it is very different. There are about 30 students.

Anne et Ambre

We are leaving tomorrow…Sunny but  colder day today. We are enjoying our last day in Saattut… Takuss , bye !

Greenland Day 5

Last days for us in Saattut, we hope everybody will have a safe journey back home…

Last night, great party; great food  (narwhal, reindeer, sheep,fish soup and so on !), we sang a very moving Greenlandic song,then we danced, Polish active break in Saattut ! What a nice people ! It was nice to spend time together at school again but the end of our trip is near !

Then back to school again this morning : we had a pasta party and watched the famous dogsled race in Asaat (more than 300 km away, down South, in Disco Bay). Four people are from Saattut and they ran 40 km in the snow. Since three of them won, people went out and yelled. There were fireworks and it is party time again ! The Polish and French students are walking around the village this afternoon, followed by some Greenlandic students. It is about -18 degrees and still sunny ! And here, more than ever, nature is our strength !

We will all meet again on Monday morning, they want to say goodbye at the heliport…

Last article, probably…We will be in Copenhagen on Tuesday night and back in Granville on Wedsesday night…

Hier soir, danses, chant et repas traditionnel ; narval, rennes, agneau, poisson seche, requin cru et cuit…Puis ce midi, repas a l ecole pour assister a la course de chiens de traineau, quatre participants du village et parmi eux, trois gagnants ! 40 km dans la neige…Et victoire fetee par des cris et des feux d artifice ! Bon retour a tous les voyageurs ! Quelle belle semaine !


March 31th: Granville day 5 / It’s only a “goodbye”… See you soon!

Today we surfed on the big day of yesterday (it ended with a reception by the Town hall and then an evening with the host families at school), while continuing the discovery of each other.

In the morning, the foreign students attended the classes of their French peers. Meanwhile, the Polish and Greenlandic adults shared their morning: observation of the classes in France, then coordination meeting to adjust the calendars together and define the tasks of the end of the year, start preparing the one of next year …

At noon, everyone found themselves in the courtyard to see how each one had progressed in the learning of the respective dances. Many other Malraux students also participated in “the great Madison”. From the memory of André Malraux, never has the friday “active breack” (a french importation of a Polish idea) been so frequented!

After lunch we had an appointment… with Greenland! It was in the Chausey room, which could accommodate the maximum number of people. Here the pupils of all the delegations were able to exchange with their friends currently in Saattut, 500km north of the Arctic Circle!


In the early afternoon, the adults finished what they had to do while the young people left to make their last turn in town: departure tomorrow morning after evening in the families.

Last but not least: these meetings are only a starting point, hope you will soon see again our youth in the Granville’s streets.

See you soon and thank you all!

Greenland Day 4 – Aluu ! Hi !

Thanks for the pictures, we are so impressed to see  you managed to download so many   on the blog ! Not the same for us ! So nice to see you all together and out  in the open, just like us !

Another great evening last night : after our short hiking  trip (only 72 meter high  !), we enjoyed activities at school, we made pancakes (without any eggs !) and today, we attended lessons and visited the fish factory. Huge fish…..And we Skyped with you, guys ! Polish, Greenlandic, French and a bit of English…

Tonight is party time, with students, their parents and teachers : we will get to try typical dishes , we can not wait and are very excited ! We will let you know about it !

Enjoy  time left with your partners ! Have a lovely weekend !

Sorry for yesterday s  typing mistakes !

Greenland Day 4

Soirée à l’école pour les plus grands : crêpes (sans œufs ! Plus d’oeufs congelés et encore moins d’oeufs frais!).

Ce matin, dès 8 h,nous avons assisté aux cours : peu d’élèves par classe, bien sûr et récré dans la neige ! Et Skype avec Granville, avec 4 heures de décalage horaire, mission accomplie ! Nous étions tous dans un petit bureau, pas de vidéo projecteur ni de salle Chausey équipée de réseau  à Saattut mais…we did it ! Puis visite de l’usine de poissons : les pêcheurs utilisent les lignes en ce moment et ce jusqu’à la fonte.

Ce soir, nous allons goûter du narval, du phoque et autres plats typiques : soirée élèves, professeurs et parents,en petit comité et pour fêter NIOS.

Bon weekend bien mérité à tous, profitez bien des correspondants ! Pour nous, ce sera pêche, moto neige et chiens de traîneau.


March 30th: Granville day 4 / Water,sand,sun … and a wild dance on the beach

Today, the Polish and Greenlandic delegations, the 4F class and the IME students took the bus at 8 am to observe a natural phenomenon. At the salt areas of Saint-Martin de Bréhal, the sea covers the road and meadows on this day of high tide. This road is called the “submersive” road. When we got to the deck, we had a few minutes to put our boots on, then the water went up and we went back to the parking as it covered the road and meadows gradually.

We were numerous, so we then made two groups to follow our guides of the “Avril” association. We took a walk in the haven of La Vanlée to discover the different elements and observe the birds; The guides were accompanied by ornithological volunteers who had brought binoculars. The guides also explained the phenomena of the tides, to the granvillais but especially to our visitors. But we had all already seen the force of nature with the water swirling a little earlier in the morning. We have seen goose geese with a pale belly; In a few months they will not be there anymore but in Greenland! We also saw gulls and a cormorant.

Arriving at the sea under the dune, the Poles and a few others began to dance barefoot in the sand and the guides and teachers took a little time before gathering everyone for the return.

At 1pm, after games of balloons, we had lunch at the PEP of Bréhal with everyone mixed at the different tables.

After the meal, we went down to the beach for a challenge on the sand: in groups of 5-6, we had to reproduce a large rosette on the sand, with two sticks and a rope. We had a very good day and we were very lucky because it was very nice all day.