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The Oak of the United States of Europe” of Victor Hugo ? Work in progress at the French school…

In 1871, in the garden of hi


s Hauteville-House in Guernsey – that is to say, very closed – Victor Hugo planted an acorn with his grandchildren. He named the upcoming tree “Oak of the United States of Europe”, a tree that would see Europe united and at peace. More than a century after Hugo’s death, the oak is still alive: what an illustration of the strenght of nature and its power of incarnation of great ideas!

The pupils of 4F worked in November in French class around the person of Victor Hugo. The opportunity, within the framework of the Erasmus + NIOS program, to discover “a visionary” of the Europe we know. Here is the document which comes from their work, preparatory to a realization in plastic arts: the question was putting in relation the text of a speech of the great man and the reality that we know. Well beyond the EU, the idea of ​​Europe, with variable geometry, is a real entity today!

Here you can dicover the upcoming work of the 4F 2017-2018 group in Arts, and the real oak of Victor Hugo, not that far away from our school since its land is Hauteville House’s garden in Guernesey Island, Channel Islands, where the great man used to leave more than 18 years…