NIOS’ short story : all the French newsletters of the project


Saattut : Our speech at the farewell party

NIOS Erasmus + has been one of the best things during our time in school. We´ve learned a lot about nature, culture, different lifestyles and language. Every year we have been working hard to collect money for the trips and to finish our work. It has been a lot of fun and we´ve spent a lot of time with the project.

The trips gave us a lot of unforgettable memories, friends, developed our personalities and learned us a lot in different ways.

The many weeks we´ve spent preparing our work have been fun, hard, difficult, exiting and challenging. We worked together and separately and sometimes spent a lot of time working on something totally useless.

We also spent time in the nature to get inspiration.

But thanks to our classmates and teachers we always succeed our work in time. We are very lucky that we were able to work with the project in all three years, and that some students decided that they didn´t want to travel, so some of us could go twice.

We would like to thank our municipality Avannaata Kommunia for financial support that enabled us to participate in this final meeting.

We also thank Nuna Fonden for financial support.

We are very grateful and thankful that we have been able to work with this project that sadly is ending soon. BUT THANK YOU to the teachers, students and everyone who´ve been a part of this project, for making it so fun and amazing! 

Take good care and respect the world, ‘cause it always gives you strength.


Saattut : Our last meeting in Granville

After four days of travel, we finally arrived to Granville, Sunday evening.

The 1st in France we went picture hunting for green in stone. Later we ate lunch, and then went to the auditorium, and practised our song.

The 2nd we sailed to Chausey´s Island. We were on the beach, we sang our song, we heard about different staff about Chausey Island, and we caught crabs and fish.

The 3rd we had lessons at school. We had technology, arts, and french classes.

The 4th day we also had lessons at school. Later we practised the NIOS song, and then we saw the teachers plant a tree. After we went to the beach, to collect seaweed. In the evening, we had dinner at school, with our families.

The 5th day we recorded the NIOS song in the auditorium. After we danced active break. In the evening some of us were at the beach party.

The 6th day we drove with a bus, together with the polish people, to Paris. In Paris we went sight seeing. And then we drove with a bus to Germany.

The 7th day we arrived to Berlin, where we said goodbye to the polish. Then we flew to Denmark, and the next day, we went home.

About our fild trip to Chausey !

We walked around the island, caught fish, we saw crab, seagull, shrimps, lizards, dolphins !

By Stoyann, Thomas and Rose (With the help of a very famous Polish English teacher who is very good at guitar…! Thank you !

We learnt about sea life, we liked the boat, the picnic on the beach.

By Alicja, Manon and Samantha.

We arrived at 10.30 on the island and we took a quick tour then we ate and relaxed on the beach.After break, we went fishing. The guide told us stories about Chausey all day.

By Noémie,Clothilde,Servane and Anastasja.

We learned that Chausey is the first tide in Europe and the third in the world.We prefered when we were on the beach for the picnic, it was so nice ! Some students did the word ‘NIOS’ with their body .

By Saona,Carmen,Amandine and Capucine.

Yesterday we learned that there are five hundred people in summer on Chausey and ten in winter.Our favourite moment was fishing.

By Ugo, Paul and Elouan.

We left Chausey at 5.20 pm, wearrived at 6. We visited Chausey.

By Lucas,Maxence and Kylian.

The best moment is when you have seen  dolphins.At midday, we climbed a rock.

By Louis, Titouan,Samson and Tristan.

In the morning we got out of the boat to go to the beach  (Port Marie), we sat down on the sand and the guide presented Chausey : tides, number of islands, fort…

By Océane P.,Kassandra,Jade and Léa.

Olivier the guide explained the history of Chausey.We had a picnic on the beach.

By Océane H. and Amélie.