We are in Copenhagen !

What a day ! But here we are…One of the 3 A thought she would have to stay in Greenland  ( I won  t say who but she is older than the others and she could not find her ID card). Anyway, the plane did wait for her and we are now ready to fly to Paris tomorrow. We will be in Granville at around midnight or five pm if we catch an early train..Our Polish friends had to book a different hotel but we went to see them tonight.

All is well that ends well…So much to tell and the girls are ready to go back home…It is not over yet but we have left Greenland, even if part of us is still there !

Décalage horaire oblige,nous sommes en pleine forme …à 3h.Retour demain à Paris et à Granville en fin d apres midi ou vers minuit, selon les horaires de train.Les amis polonais partent pour Berlin demain matin.

Le voyage s achève…mais pas si simple de revenir complètement ! Les filles ont des choses et des gens à raconter et elles ont hâte que l attente se termine !


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