Greenland Day 7, 8, 9 ?

What a Day  ! How sad to leave Saattut and our friends…What a week !

We were looking forward to meeting our Greenlandic friends at the airport but they are stuck, like we are.

We are together , Polish and friends, in Qaarsut and won’t be able to leave tomorrow due to foggy weather. So here we are, we have said goodbye, wiped our tears and are now ready to go back home. Extra time in marvellous Greenland ! People are taking good care of us (food, accomodation: it is not a touristic place but what a view !).

We will let you know…If you can ! Good luck for this coming week !

The 3A team and friends !

Petite halte à Qaarsut , vols retardés, retour vendredi si tout va bien mais en étant optimiste. Et on l’est ! Imprévus et surprises , charme du voyage aussi…Les filles tiennent bon, sacrées ambassadrices.On fait le plein d’air pur pour vous et promis, on vous racontera…Et vous aussi !




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