Today morning all delegations went to observe the natural phenomena which take place in Saint-Martin only twice a year. During the big tide the sea covers all the areas together with the road and bridge. We all waded in the water our shoes were full of water but it was nice feeling. Then our guides presented different types of birds and explained the reason of the phenomena. We had a chance to use big binoculars to see the birds. Some of them were different , we haven’t seen them before. Then we learnt about the dunes that surrounded this place, we took many pictures and made notes.  After that we went to the beach for active break together with our French friends we started to dance and practice before Friday’s final break. It was amazing, the sun was shinning , we heard the sound of the see and spent unforgettable moment. During the long break we went to eat some lunch and  we played basketball. Finally went down to the beach. Then in groups of 5 we had to create a large circleson the sand using a stick and a rope.  It was some kind of sand mandala, final effects were great we were really proud. In the afternoon we had an official reception at Granville’s Town Hall. After the meeting we went to evening dinner at school. The host families and school canteen prepared traditional French meals. The evening was moving, common singing, dancing and chatting has approached us more.



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