March 30th: Granville day 4 / Water,sand,sun … and a wild dance on the beach

Today, the Polish and Greenlandic delegations, the 4F class and the IME students took the bus at 8 am to observe a natural phenomenon. At the salt areas of Saint-Martin de Bréhal, the sea covers the road and meadows on this day of high tide. This road is called the “submersive” road. When we got to the deck, we had a few minutes to put our boots on, then the water went up and we went back to the parking as it covered the road and meadows gradually.

We were numerous, so we then made two groups to follow our guides of the “Avril” association. We took a walk in the haven of La Vanlée to discover the different elements and observe the birds; The guides were accompanied by ornithological volunteers who had brought binoculars. The guides also explained the phenomena of the tides, to the granvillais but especially to our visitors. But we had all already seen the force of nature with the water swirling a little earlier in the morning. We have seen goose geese with a pale belly; In a few months they will not be there anymore but in Greenland! We also saw gulls and a cormorant.

Arriving at the sea under the dune, the Poles and a few others began to dance barefoot in the sand and the guides and teachers took a little time before gathering everyone for the return.

At 1pm, after games of balloons, we had lunch at the PEP of Bréhal with everyone mixed at the different tables.

After the meal, we went down to the beach for a challenge on the sand: in groups of 5-6, we had to reproduce a large rosette on the sand, with two sticks and a rope. We had a very good day and we were very lucky because it was very nice all day.



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