March 29th: Granville day3 / More green in the school together and work on our common multilingual “brochures”

Today 8 Polish pupils and the delegates of the 5B, 4F went by bus at the “IME”, which is Granville’s special needs children institut. Mr Caresmel, a professor at the IME, explained us who is the staff to help students in difficulty. We then visited some parts of the building such as the educators’ class (to learn everyday life, to be autonomous: not to read or write).

The school is named Henry Wallon who is a doctor of psychology: he has created systems adapted for children with special needs.

Students can not be more than 6 in a class, chosen according to their needs, to avoid being deconcentrated on the work.

Even if it is really different work, the teacher sometimes puts the students in groups to encourage them.

There are currently 73 students between the ages of 5 and 20.

The class will soon leave for a stay in Brecey. To finance these activities, students organize sales of cakes or chocolates. By cooking and creating their posters, they develop their knowledge.

Afterwards we went to see the educational garden. In it there were onions and potatoes. The names of the plants were written in French, Polish and English.

Then two IME students showed us to the greenhouse. They grow tomatoes, potimarrons, cabbage, salad, leeks, potatoes, zucchinis and strawberries. In addition to growing these plants, they sow seeds, cut hedges and mow the lawn. In exchange they do sailing and horseback riding.

Then we took the plants and we went back to school and made 3 groups:

  • To plant the jasmine near the gate
  • To decorate the bench with the flags of the project Erasmus +
  • To vegetate the outer bench.

Alice, Lisa, Tristan et Quentin

We liked this morning because we did team work; each of the three teams was formed with two Polish pupils, one Greenlandic pupil and two French pupils. We have been working on the Erasmus + brochures on sustainable development in our respective regions.

We met each other, Poles, Greenlanders and French. This improves our ability to communicate in English. For about 3 hours we worked on computers from documents that our classes had translated into all the project languages in previous months.

Then we printed the brochures as a draft in A4 format. Then we will check them and print them in final format to make posters.

Mateo, Camellya, Dorian, Lou


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