March 28: Granville day2 / Coloring whales and discovering horses

This morning our foreign friends and students of 5B were able to enjoy an artistic workshop led by two women: about forty pupils of 3 nationalities in the same space, standing with eyes closed at first, then the eye, the hand, some colors, air, breathing and that’s it. Mandala. 3h of artistic practice “to connect with the energies of nature”. The supervisors had planned drawing connected with our common theme of work, and we began by putting color on sea animals before making our own motives.

After lunch at the college, let’s go to the “horse center” of Saint-Lô, formerly “Haras National de Saint-Lô”. One hour by bus and we find ourselves in the heart of a famous historical site of the region, internationally renowned for the equine sector. While the guide explains the history of the studs since the kings’age to today, Orpheus comes to greet us. It is a “ Selle Français” stallion mounted by the stud horseman. Then we attended the shoeing of a big Norman Cob. The center of Saint-Lô is above all dedicated to sport horses. From the war to the slaughter, after a sad evolution, the breeding of work horses today has new prospects with horse-drawn travel in few touristic areas, and even school bus in a town of the region.


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