We have reached our destination ! Love from Saattut !

welcome on board !

It has been a long journey but you need that to get ready for Greenland ! No trains at the station, flight delayed but  four flights later….a snowmobile was waiting for us so we got to Saattut last night instead of Wednesday night ! Thank you, Tina! And 25 km – on the ice- later,Anne and Ambre met their partners and disappeared with them…

It was sunny and cold (around – 18) and beautiful and quiet and so different ! And WHITE !!!!!

It is such a small world after all : we first met the Polish party in nice pyjamas and ready to go to bed  but what a nice meeting…Then we met the Greenlandic students and teacher late at night AND BY CHANCE : we were staying at the same hotel in Copenhagen ! They could not sleep : it was 8 pm for them and midnight for us…What a night !

This morning, we met at school to get ready for the fishing week : once a year, no real lessons but fishing time (lines, baits and so on) then we walked on the ice , made two holes with a pole and carefully ,slowly, let the long lines sink (around 100 baits  per line). At lunchtime, we ate the fish the French team caught last year !  Pictures in the next post.

Have a great time with your partners in France !

The girls will write…later . They have presented their work this afternoon and deserved some time off out in the fresh air ! The  Polish presentation was very sweet….

( so may chocolate bars and treats !) .

The 3A team !




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