March 27: Granville day1 / Poland and France waiting for our Greenlandic friends

Arrival at college at 8am this morning, but not for everyone. The Greenlandic delegation was delayed in its trip by the weather so only the Polish are in Granville today, we expect the rest of the team tonight at the last train.

This morning, the Polish had small walk around the Roc at sunrise and high tide, to better understand where we are and to be able to compare with the low tide of the afternoon. A good hot chocolate in the school’ self and at 10 am break, all the students of the project danced in the courtyard for the “active break”: Polish import to Malraux. We then took a group photo and then went up to the Chausey room. We presented our reports and the Poles showed us a video of their work and their establishment.

After lunch and lunch break, during which others danced again, we returned to the grass of the “Pointe du Roc” for the beginning of the orientation race. We started by team, in each team there were correspondents, EMI pupils and pupils of the 5th and 4th classes. We learned the history of Granville and the Old City rounded by water, from the course prepared in History-Geography and English. It was a good learning day.

Tomorrow, the three delegations will be there and the 5th grade will accompany the foreigners for artistic activities and the visit of the Haras de Saint-Lô.

Today’s active break in video: what the Polish taught us and what we want to teach them. “Rendez-vous” on Friday for the progress of each of us!

Tristan, Lou, Martin

PS: This morning; Our “3A team” (Ambre, Anne and Anne Lecomte, their English teacher), on their way to Saattut with the other Polish delegation, crossed the Greenland delegation in Copenhagen, late for Granville!



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