French booklets

Here you can read booklets made by French pupils in order to fulfill the second year project order.

These booklets have been sent to Polish and Greenlandic partners to be translated into their mother language/tongue.

During the next meeting, from 27th to 31st of March, pupils will finalize these booklets.



Do you know the Europe myth ?

Pupils with special needs from IME Henri Wallon have built a specific survey about the Europe myth.

Some of them can’t read so that the questions were recorded by pupils who can and were joined to the survey.

Do you know Europe ?

Pupils from College André Malraux and IME Henri Wallon, special needs pupils, have worked together to create surveys about Europe. They work on history and geography, english, spanish and french.

They learned how to create a survey with googleforms. They also prepare a game to play and build knowledge.


Here are those surveys !